About Us

This is Not Safe for Radio, also known as NSFRadio, we are a Central Pennsylvania-based talk and comedy podcast network. Built from the ground up by completely independent podcasters NSFRadio focuses on creating and delivering great original comedy and talk content. Many of the podcasters on NSFRadio are not professional comedians or broadcasters, but that doesn’t stop them from producing quality content that listeners will enjoy. The passion, pride, and hard work of everyone involved at the network is evident in every show, skit, and special on NSFRadio.


March 2014: NSFRadio helps co-host it’s first event, “OzPods Live” in Melbourne, Australia.
September 2013: NSFRadio launches main website and launches live stream to the public.
August 2013: NSFRadio starts “soft” launch of live stream.
July 2013: NSFRadio launches Social Media Pages on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.
March 2015: NSFRadio relaunches with a local Central Pennsylvania focus.