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The Pull List #10 – For Comics Released 09/16/2014

Am I fashionably late? Josh here! It appears that I am flying solo this week. Initially, when Zach let me know he wasn’t going to be able to do his part of the column this week, I got it in my head that I could get up a couple books from this week and then do a few paragraphs on some of my favorite comics. I was really looking forward to writing about the old Palmiotti/Gray series, The Monolith, but it doesn’t always work out like I plan and before I know it, it’s 11:15 on a Friday night and I have nothing to show for it. I almost opted in favor of scrapping this week all together, but there was some cool shit that dropped and I’m going to try to be brief in telling you what I did and didn’t like about it.




The Multiversity: Society of Super-Heroes

Writer: Grant Morrison

Artist: Chris Sprouse

I have no problem revisiting The Multiveristy as the series is being comprised of x amount of one-shots. I was especially stoked to see that this month’s one-shot would be featuring the 1940s kind of JSA (or SOS as the book would have them) taking on Vandal Savage and Felix Faust. My biggest complaint with the opening to The Multiversity was that it was too all over the place for me. I thought that going back and reading Final Crisis would clear a lot up, but that wasn’t really the case. Though I did end up a little more familiar with some characters thanks to that. Anyway, thanks to the one-shot format, we get a contained story that’s not overpowered by the ideas that made the first bookend such a trip. That’s a big plus from me.

Chris Sprouse is on pencils for The Society of Super-Heroes and does a bang up job. Dave McCaig also deserves a nod as his colorist because he did some really solid work in every setting this book took place in. That man knows how to make a war torn sky filled with bullets and parachuting corpses look like paradise. –  4 / 5




Deadly Class #7

Writer: Rick Remender

Artist: Wes Craig

Remender seems to get a lot of time from The Pull List crew. I think I could call Deadly Class my favorite book that Remender is working on right now, so with a new arc kicking off, it’s only fitting that it finally makes an appearance on The Pull List. Discussing Deadly Class #7 is pretty tricky as it deals heavily with fallout from the first arc. Maris is understandably shaken up, practically certifiably so. This is putting some strain on her and Marcus is his mind as he doesn’t really want to get sucked into that world, but he’s a big part of the why and it’d be fucked up for him to bail. Can I leave it at that? I’ll leave it at that. No, I’m not going to leave it there, because fuck you, Shabnam! I felt sorry for you, man.

It took a little bit for Craig’s art to grow on me. Prior to Deadly Class, I was only familiar with the couple of issues of Guardians of the Galaxy that he did maybe 4 or 5 years ago. His art then was very crisp, very Marvel, I guess. He’s a bit more free with Deadly Class. I hope I didn’t make that sound like a bad thing, because it’s not a bad thing. There’s more style here while remaining consistent to the characters. Action sequences have always flowed well (though there weren’t really any to note of in DC #7). I’ve really been digging Loughridge’s work as well. For a comic set in the late 80s, his colors snap me right back into a various indie comics I have from the era. It’s fitting. If you’re not already reading Deadly Class, this is a great point to jump on, but I highly recommend seeking out volume 1 as well.  –  4.5 / 5


I apologize for only bringing two books to the table this week, but in my defense, this took 11 hours to write.. I fell asleep last night, and then I woke up and sulked around a bit, watched some TV, you know how it goes. I’m not entirely sure what next week will bring. After two and a half months of The Pull List, I find myself getting to a point where the books I want to talk about are books I’ve already talked about. I’ve avoided a lot of DC titles this month because while Future’s End has been enjoyable, I’m not a fan of EVERYTHING GETS A FUTURE’S END TIE-IN… though I may have to bend now. We’ll see what happens.


As always, thanks a lot for checking out The Pull List and giving me and Zach a couple minutes to ramble about comics. We look forward to bringing you another edition next week!

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